Subaqua is part of a bigger alumni club called Aquatec,
Founded over 40 years ago it provides the support and structure that any beginner needs to start scuba diving!

Subaqua is the student portion of the club with the population growing largely in the last number of years. The entire club provides a great place for people of any background or age to meet, have a laugh and make great friends.

We have one big annual trip at Easter and then we go on many smaller trips during the bank holiday weekends. Previous trips have been to Kerry, Galway and Donegal but the possibilities are endless!

We have training every Wednesday night in Kevin St. pool at 7.30-9.
The pool is also available to us on a Friday at the same time.

During the summer months dives take place weekly off Dalkey island on a Tuesday with snorkelling also taking place on a Wednesday.

So if you are interested in this feel free to pop along on Wednesday night!
Also if you have any questions feel free to mail us and we will do our best to sort it out!

Dive Recommendations:
**  Diver may lead trainees with the D/O’s permission, but not to depths greater than 25 metres.
Club Divers may not lead dives to depths in excess of 30 metres.


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